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Florida Compassionate Use Registry

Senate Bill 1030, The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 requires patients to register with the Florida Department of Health “Compassionate Use

Registry.” This means that each person who has a qualifying disease, illness or disorder, is a resident of the State of Florida, is over 18 years of age, and has recommendation or certification for low-THC medical cannabis from a qualified physician will be required to register with DOH’s “Compassionate Use Registry’ before they can receive low-THC medical cannabis.

This application process to get on the “Registry” will be difficult. At this point, no one knows what the Florida Department of Health regulation will require, but we can be sure that the process by which a patient or caregiver gets added to the Registry will be complicated. Cannabis Law Group is here to help.

Cannabis Law Group has reviewed Senate Bill 1030 and the proposed DOH requirements in Florida and other states and we are prepared to assist physicians and patients with the paperwork necessary to add patients and physicians to the “Compassionate Use Registry”

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